We help to modernize, automate and setup the growing of nutritious organic food with very affordable techniques.


Forget about soil and pesticide. Go hydroponics instead. The reasons and benefits are obvious – cleaner, faster, higher yield,lesser maintenance and water usage.


Grow your Green With Us

From your balcony and rooftop, straight to your dinner plate. Growing own green, leafy vegetables has never been easier, faster and more convenient with our hydroponics systems.

Hydroponics Solutions

Innovation team

Facilitates the designing & planning of new requirements / replacements, NEC construction for clients.

Maintenance team

Provides plumbing & sanitary maintenance for building M&E such as hotels, educational institutes and condominiums.

Hydroponics team

Promotes Hydroponics urban farming & climate change awareness through educational seminars to schools to inspire a new generation of growers.

Eco-Friendly Hydroponic Solutions

Eliminate the mess. Pesticide is not used, so your favourite veggies taste fresher, crunchier and more naturally nutritious.
We have the know-hows and we teach you exactly how to do it with our hydroponics solutions.

Looking for Hydroponic solution?

We provide consultation and planning to set up hydroponics system that best suit your specific requirement.